Silver Bullion Bars and Ingots

Silver bullion is most commonly formed into silver bars, ingots and silver blanks. Silver bars are convenient for storing large quantities of silver for industrial use or as an investment. Silver is also sold to mints, who manufacture silver into blanks or “planchets” (blank coin shapes without designs), where they are polished and ‘struck’ into coins.

Silver Bars & Ingots
For the collector, silver bars and ingots can be a more cost-effective way to own silver than with coins. The premiums for buying larger 100 or 1,000 ounce silver bars can be significantly cheaper than silver rounds or the smaller bars of 1, 5 or 10 ounces. If you’re into design, beauty or exclusivity, then collecting bars and ingots can be rather boring in comparison to collecting coins and silver rounds. But if you’re into the silver content only, then owning larger quantities is likely your best value. Silver bullion bars are consistently among the cheapest ways to own silver in comparison to other forms of silver. Most bars over 10 ounces will carry the smallest premiums over the silver spot price.

100 ounce pure silver bullion barThe following is a partial list of major producers of silver bars:


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