Collecting Silver Bullion Coins

Coin collecting is often referred to as “The Hobby of Kings.” Gold and silver coins have been minted for thousands of years in nearly every major civilized nation. With the rich history across cultures and time periods, the hobby of collecting coins appeals to a wide range of people, regardless of gender or age. Today, there are thousands of varieties of coins to collect, making it one of the most popular (and fastest growing) hobbies around.

The growth of silver coin collecting is largely due to the hobby being relatively easy to do. Coin shops (and banks) dot every major city, and the growth of the online commerce has made buying and trading coins more attractive to more people.

There are many reasons to own and collect silver coins, including for an investment, for heirlooms, historical artifacts and of course for the hobby itself. Collectors can specialize in a wide variety of more targeted interests, including nationality, era, denomination, design, condition (grade) and rarity of a particular series, making nearly all collections unique. Silver coins typically increase in value over time, so collecting coin sets can also be a relatively safe hobby, as far as return on investment. The resale value of silver coins is very strong (especially with online auctions).

one ounce silver coinsSilver coins can hold many values simultaneously, such as the collectors value, the bullion value of the silver itself (melt value) and the face value of the coin. Each are legitimate values, although they vary greatly. Bullion collectors focus more on silver coins for their silver content value, making coins with rarity and antiquity far less important than weight, purity and the spot price of silver. Numismatists, or coin collectors seek rarity and intrinsic values over the values of the silver content, and are willing to pay higher premiums for silver coins.


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